How do I get rid of PUBG addiction? I decided, no more PUBG

How do I get rid of PUBG, Anyone addicted to PUBG? I’m and I don’t know what to do? Die. Play another game. Die. Rage. Play another game. Die. Win. Repeat………

The best way to quit playing any game is just simple as installing! To quit, just Uninstall. Never reinstall. ha ha did you installed it again, LOL. Yes it is not easy to quit, because we are addicted to it and it takes time and effort to do so.

Many gamers played, addicted and finally some quit, some switch to other games, some became illect too, no matter games are just for playing not for addiction and killing ourselves

Here is many players quoted their PUBG games experience

  • I was addicted to dota, everyday i would play 13-15 hours a day. I failed tests, exams etc. My advice is find something else you want to do, find a hobby other than gaming. Uninstall steam and block it completely. Unsubscribe from twitch, youtube everything related to pubg. Choose one: quit pubg entirely or have insane amounts of self control and time management.

  • I would ditch school, even when i was forced to go to school, I’d cut classes. When i return home, id start my gaming marathon till late at night. Don’t even mention the weekends, it was that bad. School holidays was the worst of them all. Depression and gaming do not go well together.

  • Damn, MOBAS are scary stuff. I avoided them since I knew that I would become addicted. I think any game with a ranking system is very dangerous when it comes to addiction. How do you hold up now that you’ve quit?

  • Thanks, it’s been 6 months and counting, i feel better than ever, i started hanging out with friends, learned new hobbies, getting good grades, and going out more. I have so much time to do other valuable things, which is wayyyy better than mindless gaming. Gaming imo is going to take you nowhere it’s just wasting your time for a quick dose of happiness.

  • Uninstall and never return, find something to do in the outside world. PUBG is a great game but nothing to take over your life. But at the same time addiction isn’t bad.. Just think about it everyone is addicted to something. Shopping, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, pornography. Doesn’t have to be a bad thing man. Just don’t let it be a priority.
  • My friends and I used to play PUBG everyday for a minimum of four hours. Even I was an addict for that matter. I’d even purchased Royal Pass for season 3. The day I left, I was an Ace. For those who don’t know, Ace is the second highest rank on the game.

How do I get rid of PUBG addiction then?

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Addiction mostly relates to something which might cause harm. Although PUBG would cause you no harm, it would do you no good either.

Now that everyone mentioned it as an addiction, to advise you to reduce game play would make no difference. PUBG, for most people, isn’t a game which they’ll enjoy and play for a few minutes just for entertainment. It becomes top priority and you cannot think of anything else. With me, the last day I played PUBG was 20 days prior to my exams. Initially I planned that I would stop playing until my exams come to an end and was eagerly waiting for the last day. We’d planned that we would play continuously every day once we are done with the exams.

However, when I came home after my last paper, I somehow didn’t feel like playing and thought I could do something productive. I realized, the time I spent playing was of no use and I might develop some other skill or basically just do anything which might at least give me some knowledge or help or whatever. I knew if I start playing again, I would again be in the same situation as earlier. Finally I decided, no more PUBG. Now it has been a month since I’ve played the game. And I haven’t uninstalled it, I still have it on my device.

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What I learnt was uninstalling the game isn’t a solution. Engage yourself somewhere with something interesting and helpful. There are so many things you could spend time with, perhaps learn something online. Few days back, I read about an 18 year old boy who learnt Motion Graphics online and was earning some 15k per month doing freelancing. Try something, get yourself busy with it. Eventually, you would forget the game.

Don’t uninstall the game. Once you overcome the addiction, someday when you look around and find PUBG icon on your screen, it will make you realize that it actually wasn’t that tough! 😉

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