How to toggle Android P’s (9) and Q’s (10) hidden system-wide dark theme

For those of you who cannot wait until update to Android OS Q also know as Android 10 – here is a easy trick to activate dark mode on any supported android OS 9 (P) and, Android OS Q (10)

android Q dark Mode

By default the dark mode was hidden from Android OS 9, because still it in beta and not implemented system wide still many OEM not provided dark mode unlike one-plus devices has dark and costume accent colors

Buy by the way recent study shows that using dark theme and dark-mode reduce the battery consumption also. many users prefer dark mode due high brightness white colored themes

So with the simple step any one can enable dark mode on Android 9(p) and android 10(Q) easily and its looks too good for your eyes, once you activated dark mode you can turn it off. if don,t like the idea

Toggle Android Q’s Hidden Dark Mode

  1. Follow this tutorial to enable the use of ADB from your PC.
  2. Plug in your mobile to your PC, open a command prompt or terminal window in the same directory where you stored the ADB binary, and enter the following command:
    Enable Dark Mode: adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 2
    Disable Dark Mode: adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 1
  3. If you’re using Windows PowerShell, then you may need to add a .\ before the command. If you’re using macOS or Linux, then you may need to add a ./ before the command.
  4. Reboot your mobile and the system-wide dark mode should be toggled.

*if you are Mi Mobile user, before doing these change your theme to classic version

Not sure why Google removed access to dark mode in the Android Q beta. The most likely explanation is that it’s still in development. and now in stable android 10 it is available in settings

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